What to find by the shores of Corio Bay?

This is a popular bay area that has several coastal destinations to offer. For those looking for a weekend destination close to Melbourne, this is the best place to target. Moreover, there are several areas to explore once you plan to visit Corio Bay.

Different places to visit

Most people visit Corio Bay when they are looking for best wedding venue Geelong. This is a popular city close to Melbourne and that is when they come to visit the Corio Bay area as well. This helps them get acquainted to the nearby bay areas that lie in the southwestern corner of the country. Port Phillip for instance, is a popular port as well as offering several holiday accommodations for visitors. You could also visit the Queenscliff area that has several historical landmarks to offer.

What to do in Corio Bay?

There is no dearth of activities to do in and around Corio Bay. Besides having several places that are perfect as best wedding venue you will want to explore coastal parts of Portarlington as well as beaches, botanic garden, carousel rides and open marketplaces here. When you check out harbor areas near Geelong you will find several ships anchored in this bustling port. The Eastern Beach is a popular destination. Spend the day simply soaking in the sun or hiring out boats to cruise the waters. Different water sports and activities are popular here. Treks and guided tours are numerous in this region as well. Did you know that the bay areas can help you witness dolphins and whales if you are lucky? There are aquariums, museums in the area as well.

Best place to organize functions

If you are planning an engagement or a wedding in a place away from Melbourne, this is the closest place that has several function venues on offer. With scenic views and landscapes surrounding you, it is possible to have an open air ceremony here and host special functions at any of the different hotels or restaurants in this part of Victoria. With sunny weather mostly around, it is perfect to book a place for a special function. There are several hotels that have banquet halls on offer. You could even book out a function room at a restaurant and host a small party for your special occasion. The rates are cheaper here than in the city of Melbourne, for which many people plan to host engagements and weddings here. It also gives one to offer a weekend getaway destination for many of their guests.


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