Tips for writing a resume – mums only

Once you start a family you want to look after your kids and stay at home.  However, when your partner and you try to maintain a stable financial situation for your family, both individuals will need to work in order to support the family. Finding a job after maternity leave is daunting. But before you start applying for jobs, you should make sure your resume is updated. Here’s a few tips to help you write the perfect resume.

You can search for a mum resume writing website that will help provide you with a detailed explanation of the dos and don’ts. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to prepare a resume.

Selling yourself

You need to be able to market yourself to the recruiter or employer. Highlighting your past experiences and skills on paper is the best way to start. Note that you should highlight only the relevant experiences and skills with regards to your career goal. You will get a chance to elaborate everything on your resume during your interview.

You can make a list of your skills and experiences and reach out to one of the mum resume support consultants available so that they can help you shortlist the ones that you should highlight.

Volunteer experiences: experiences such as this ptas, charity work and fundraisers are actually valuable to building yourself. If you have an employment gap, you can cover it using the volunteer experience. Don’t forget to mention your accomplishments and leadership roles as well.

  • Higher education: if you continued your education after high school, this should be highlighted. Mentioned the courses you have followed along with the studying period and a brief of the content covered. This includes online or independent studying.
  • Professional qualifications: you will earn a bonus point if you are a member of a professional organisation or if you participate in conference related to your job role or industry.
  • If you have worked independently or for your partner it is vital that you mention it.

Job title

You might be confused as to how you should give a title for yourself. If you are mum who is looking for a job the first time, it is advisable that you don’t give a title. If you have worked previously before your maternity leave and you continued working from home, you can use the previous title you used before you took maternity leave.

Best resume format

There are thousands of formats available with different types of themes. So select the suitable and most professional resume format available. Don’t use a lot of colours of one your resume. If you have been away from the workforce for a long time, use a functional resume. However, do not use a functional resume if you have been working continuously because hiring managers do not prefer this format. 

Honesty is the best policy

Be honest about who you are and your past experiences.

So keep these points in mind and get ready to step back into the workforce. Good luck!

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