The appeal of plantation shutters

We often think of awnings and shutters only for their functional benefits. However, they can also offer a distinct décor appeal to an area, from inside as well as from outside. This is especially true of plantation shutters. Such shutters have been the norm in many tropical countries, especially seen in colonial homes even today. However, any modern home can take on a tropical or colonial décor look by investing in plantation shutters for exterior doors and windows.

The impressive design features

There are certain unique design features of plantation shutters. These have broad slats of wood which are mounted on a frame that is wide and solid. In olden days these shutters used to be made from hardwood varieties as they are typically installed towards the exterior facing facades that subject them to rain and other weather conditions through the year. Today there are different materials used to create plantation shutters that include prefabricated wood as well. With the right coating and finish they are made durable to withstand weather conditions for long. If you wish to explore plantation shutters at a blinds Wollongong store, you could simply ask them to provide you catalog of such shutter designs.

Different installation features

Simple plantation shutters can fill a window. There is usually a rod in the middle that helps to open or close the blind slats. Many shutters are hinged so that they can be pulled open as well for more ventilation as required. Others might have hinged panels that can be folded across. Hence, one can fold part or all of a shutter back panel of such structures. Interesting design and functional attributes make plantation shutters, unique and make them a prominent feature of any home or room where they are installed. Any supplier of blinds will be able to guide one on the right installation feature that would suit a certain home or space.

Bring in a modern décor appeal

You might find a café having plantation shutters on windows. They might go up partway and help create privacy without allowing the whole window to be open. Many shutters are designed and fixed in such a style. Many homes and commercial outlets have plantation shutters designed in custom made fashion with unique features and textures. Some even have reclaimed wood used to fashion plantation shutters. This helps create an old world charm in whichever space they are installed. Even glass windows can have such shutters installed on the inside or the outside, simply for a distinct décor appeal.

If you love the design and appeal of plantation shutters you can look up online catalogs to know more.


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