How to plan a decorative driveway?

When it comes to a decorative driveway, it is usually one that is designed with certain concrete patterns. Patterns in concrete can be of different colors as well as engraved or stained. Nowadays there are several techniques in creating unique concrete walkways or driveways. Decorative driveways can enhance the value of a property as well as increase curb appeal. It is a common trend seen in exclusive properties and hotel premises. Modern paving contractors know the processes and methods involved to create the desired look.

Achieving a decorative look

A driveway does not have to be created from scratch in order to achieve a decorative design or pattern. Resurfacing is a useful technique employed by paving and road repairs Melbourne services to change the appearance of an existing driveway. Overlays are added or a concrete base is created on an existing driveway. In order to change the appearance of a driveway concrete borders are also created in a fitting manner. Overlays of different colors are often used with a concrete border, which helps to transform an existing driveway in a significant way. Often textured and engraving is also done on concrete to achieve distinct effects.

Various design options on concrete

Decorative driveways can be created by carving designs or engraving on cement. Brick patterns are also created with concrete to add a brick wall or tiled effect to a floor or a driveway. A series of cuts is often made of cement to achieve a patterned look. A tiled pattern look is created in such ways by an expert paving and road repairs service. Stains as well as concrete paints are also in vogue when it comes to decorative driveway designs. Stains usually come in one color or a variety of shades. Concrete paints help create tiling effects as well. Other techniques involve multi toned staining or glazing effects. Such techniques help in creating a luxurious look for a driveway.

An experienced paving contractor can be approached to provide different decorative solutions for a driveway. One can get an idea involving the techniques and costs involved in creating unique driveway project. A quality paving job would be long lasting. Any quality paving work usually ends with sealers used to seal the patterns or colors that are used on the paved surface. The long term effects help define the quality of work on driveways. One can look up innovative paving services through online directories. It is easy to seek initial quotes from such contractors and liaison with them for different residential or commercial projects.


Image: Driveway

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