How to make a garden on your home terrace?

Not every home has the luxury of garden premises on the ground. This is especially true of people who live in high rises. However, even in apartments without access to a ground area, gardens can be created in different ways, such as terraces, balconies, and other spaces.

Living roofs

One of the unique ways of constructing roofs or terraces is to cover the same with plants. Indeed, many home designers experiment with living roof designs that are also known as green roof structures. Here a thin layer of soil or a substrate is laid in order to allow plants with shallow roots to grow on such surfaces. If you wish to explore such a concept many gutter repairs Adelaide services can provide you solutions to make your dream a reality. However, not every climate is congenial to have a living roof. Again, the structure of the roof is also important to check. If a roof is flat, then it would not allow water drainage effectively. This is not a good option at all. However, if you plan a living roof at the time of home construction, the roofing contractor will create the roof flooring in a way that makes it possible to have plants and a garden on the roof surface.

Terrace garden options

Many apartments or condominiums which have terrace areas can also convert the same into green spaces. While laying a soil layer and planting flora of different species might be an elaborate task, simpler ways of creating a terrace garden is to opt for potted plants. These can be arranged in different patterns as well as on decorative plant stands. When you appoint a gutter and roofing repairs service the contractor will be able to advise whether the existing flooring surface needs to be reinforced to have potted plants on it. Usually plants need watering and drainage of water from the pots or planted soil is common. There needs to be an effective gradient of the flooring surface and waterproofing done to ensure no damage from the presence of water on such surface.

When you have made the right provisions you can sit back and enjoy creating a garden in your terrace area the way you like it. Many people like to have patio furniture in such spaces in order to relax and unwind in their little green island. For concrete spaces and urban landscapes such areas can be a haven for home owners. If you wish to be inspired by different garden terrace ideas there are many blogs and forums where you will find relevant ideas and inspiration.


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