Enjoy your drinks responsibly at parties and occasions

Have you had unfortunate incidents every time you plan to go drinking with friends? There are common pitfalls of having a good time when you tend to go overboard with your drinks orders. It is usually an outcome of friends who insist and push others who might not be able to handle too many drinks at a time and consumed within a short period of time.

Know your limits

When you are an adult, you need to behave like one even if you are out to have a good time. Hence, when you are at the best bar Geelong you need to know how much you can consume and stay stable enough to go to work the next morning. In many cases people need to drive back home in which case it is best to abstain from hard drinks or consume in moderation.

Do not mix your drinks

This is a known fact, but something that everyone likes to overlook or challenge when they are having a good time. Indeed, one of the common temptations of an extensive bar menu leads to experimenting with different drinks. Even if you are having a good time at a bar Geelong it is important that you abstain from such practice if you are going home alone or have to drive back yourself. Again, you might think that one or two shots will not make a difference. However, if your capacity to hold down alcohol is limited, it would be wise not to consume different kinds of hard drinks, especially in concentrated or shot form.

Holding down offers

One of the best tricks to adopt in a drinking party is to hold onto a glass for a long time. You could order your favorite cocktail in a tall glass and hold onto the same, sipping it in moderate amounts. It is also important that you snack along with your drinks. That helps to prevent one from feeling intoxicated easily. When you consume food along with alcohol, you will not be filling your empty stomach with fluid only. These are ways you can get through drinks at a bar and not consume too much which leave you feeling out of control.

If you wish to have a good time with your friends in Geelong, there are several eateries that have bar facilities as well. Many waterside destinations are favorites of many as the scenes are beautiful and create the right environment for people to have a good time. You can easily plan a drinks and dinner party with your friends or colleagues at any of the Geelong restaurants as most are listed online.


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